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dōTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing

Heather Harp

At dōTERRA's annual convention this year, we learned about Co-Impact Sourcing, which is an incredible example of the above quote in action. 

One incredible thing that sets dōTERRA apart from other essential oil companies is their commitment to sourcing the highest quality essential oils while greatly enhancing the lives of those in our global community.

One example is Vetiver from Haiti. For years, Haiti has been exporting Vetiver to perfumery markets around the world, but since the perfume industry is interested in a lesser quality oil, they do not focus on how and where the oil is sourced. It is also a system that is rife with self-serving middlemen, soil depletion, and low wages.

dōTERRA is changing this, however, by establishing a Cooperative in Haiti that has two main objectives. The first is to educate the farmers and growers of vetiver so they are able to improve the quality and sourcing methods, and secondly to provide financial incentives to those farmers to ensure improved, consistent quality. 

This is an incredible thing for the impoverished country of Haiti, as dōTERRA's Co-impact Sourcing process will create over 7,000 jobs, as well as provide clean drinking water, schools for children, and give them hope for a better future. 

As conscious users of essential oils, it is important to be aware of not only the quality of oil we are using, but of the quality of life the farmers and growers of our precious oils are able to achieve. With dōTERRA's Co-Impact Sourcing, we are truly changing the world one drop of oil at a time.